Philanthropy Plugged In podcast: The most generous city

The most generous city in the country

Guests: Christina Gorczynski, Courtney Manuel

Learn how the directors of two giving networks in Austin, Texas collaborate and build on their organization’s strengths in our increasingly digital world.

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Philanthropy Plugged In podcast: Innovative generosity

Innovative generosity

Guests: Rachel Klausner, Tiffany Williams

What is the potential for technology and giving? How do new ideas and projects get funding? Meet two social entrepreneurs who are making the world more generous through technology.

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Philanthropy Plugged In podcast: Future of fundraising

The future of fundraising starts now

Guest: Deanna Kerns

From dance marathons to gaming to Alexa, the Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago is getting creative with online peer-to-peer fundraising.

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Exploring big ideas

In the Philanthropy Plugged In podcast series, we explore big ideas with our guests:

  • Is technology broadening access to philanthropy?
  • Are new applications and platforms accelerating social change?
  • How do donors use technology to give?
  • What does creating community in the digital age look like? (Many of us have new experiences related to this question as a result of COVID-19.)
  • How do nonprofits leverage technology for fundraising?

The discussion guides for the podcast episodes are designed to be working documents. Please share them with colleagues and friends, use them to spark conversations, and apply the information gained to new strategies and new ways of thinking about philanthropy and community.

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